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The benefits of real website security are boundless and now accessible to all. Since online threats and attacks are inevitable, you must do something. cWatch Web is the simple, affordable and proactive approach to eliminating threats and protecting your business online. Start reaping the benefits immediately.

Faster Website Speeds SEO Ranking Rewards High Website Availability Bandwidth Cost Savings Log Management Compliance Reports Alerts & Notifications Real-Time Visibility DDoS Prevention Zero Day Updates Block Attacks & Hacks Stop Malware 24/7 Website Surveillance Incident Response Plans Threat Investigation Security Analysts

Enhanced Website Security and Performance with cWatch Web

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Your Website is a Target for
Cyber Criminals

Website security is critical to all companies of every size in every industry. Each company has unique needs and challenges, but the risks are the same. Data breaches, DDoS attacks, malware infections and ransomware can be catastrophic to all. It’s time
to batten down the hatches.

Small Businesses

Think you’re too small for hackers to notice? Unfortunately, you’re the low hanging fruit. Don’t let one incident cripple you.

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Medium-Sized Businesses

Don’t have the budget or lack the knowledge and expertise to keep up? Outsource your protection without breaking the bank.

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Large Businesses

Part of an in-house IT department that struggles to find time for updates and compliance? Extend your team to increase bandwidth.

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There’s Finally a Better Way to Keep Your Business Protected

To stay ahead of the threats and protect your online presence, cWatch Web effectively combines 20 years of cyber security experience, intelligence, technology and innovation to allow you to easily offload the burden of shielding your website or web application from a wide variety of dangers.

Our Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform leverages Comodo’s state-of-the-art
technology to safeguard your website or application flanked by certified security analysts that intervene at any sign of a threat to ensure proper mitigation and minimize impact.

Here’s how cWatch Web has you covered...


Expert Monitoring and Assistance

  • 24x7x365 Professional Monitoring

    cWatch Web is supported by Comodo’s team of certified security specialists who continuously monitor and maintain the integrity of your website.

  • Reduce Costs & Risk

    With cWatch Web, there’s no upfront cost of hiring, training and managing an in-house cyber security team or added equipment.

  • Malware Removal and Remediation

    Should your website become the victim of an attack, our team immediately contains the threat and gets your site back up and running.

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Threat Protection

  • Malware Defense

    cWatch Web is designed to defend against malicious
    code and deliver immediate alerts if an issue is

  • Defense Against Hackers

    cWatch Web optimizes your website’s performance
    and makes it difficult for hackers to exploit

  • OWASP Top 10 Protection

    cWatch Web keeps your website or application
    protected from even the most common and destructive

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Proactive Defense
and Response

  • Worry-Free Managed Security

    Implementing cWatch is simple—we manage your security without the need for updates or maintenance.

  • Innovative Threat Detection

    cWatch scans for a variety of internal and external threats then prioritizes them for remediation by Comodo security experts

  • Improved Regulatory Compliance

    If your website needs to comply with PCI or HIPAA rules, cWatch Web delivers the data protection and in-depth reporting you need to stay compliant.

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Improved Website

  • Higher SEO Ranking

    The cWatch Web content delivery network improves
    the SEO ranking and security posture of your site.

  • Boosted Website Speed

    Thanks to our lightning-fast servers and connectivity, website users enjoy shorter load times and quicker downloads.

  • Better Content Delivery

    cWatch Web ensures your website visitors get the content they need while protecting you from SEO
    attacks and malicious redirects.

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The benefits of cWatch Web keep on going…

Risk Free

If you are not completely satisfied,
we offer a full refund within 30


Uncomplicated Pricing

Besides being insanely affordable,
just pick a plan and upgrade as you

SaaS Simplicity

cWatch Web is easy to setup with
no complicated hardware
installation required.


Universal Compatibility

Our website security solution is
fully compatible with any CMS


Easy-to-Use Interface

Check in on your security status as
often as you like via an intuitive
cloud-based dashboard.

Reduced IT Risks & Cost

Instant protection with no
expensive hardware to buy or staff
to hire & train.

Get Complete Website Protection
For Less Than $1 A Day



$20.75/Mo billed annually

  • Large Corporate Website
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • High Value Brands
Free Trial



$8.25/Mo. Paid Annually

  • Professional Websites
  • Small to Medium Business
  • Light Ecommerce Websites




  • Professional Websites
  • Small Business Websites
  • Light Ecommerce Websites

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